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Consulting & Analytics

The capacity and growth of data in the cannabis industry are limitless, it is a continuous journey and the way your relevant data is harnessed matters to your business. TOP IT Cannabis helps its clients to identify the most meaningful data for them and supports them in extracting valuable insights from the collected information to draw competitive advantage from it.

How does it work for cannabis marketing?

Our team of data scientists and analysts process the raw information with their technical expertise to uncover the industrial, economic, and competitive inferences from the collective information.

How do we help clients?

The insightful conclusions are shared with the clients and the creative heads of our agency and through various steps of transformational analytics, we reach various possibilities that can hold immense potential for sustained competitive results.
The customer journey is followed through close observation and understood to offer customers a better experience for future shopping.
Getting a complete insight into marketing performance and measuring performance through various marketing initiatives that include social media channels, brand and product campaigns, brand metrics and marketing ROI.
The data represents a trend and through effective analysis, the procedure draws predictive analysis based on various common factors for a certain period to plan a course of action.

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What Kind of Analytics Do You Need?

Once you get in touch with TOP IT Cannabis, we understand your business objectives and map your online presence based on those marketing KPIs. We analyze your, present and required metrics to formulate a robust marketing performance with projected targets. With a combination of reviewed data and technology integration, we set up a management task supported by reporting system, timeframe analysis of the performance metrics to establish a marketing technology and strategy. A marketing dashboard for a visual understanding of the data effectively communicates the results that have been produced from the strategic conclusions to help fulfil the business goals for the understanding of the client. VIEW PORTFOLIO

How do we combine business Intelligence with marketing analytics?

Keeping sight of your business objectives we take preemptive actions for threat identification and competitive analysis. Through tailored strategies, we optimize your marketing plan and empower you in this competitive market and create the best opportunities and performance potentials for your business.

Top It Research

Customers set their own preferences and our experience combined with the best analytic and predictive tools provide an end-to-end measurement with robust marketing plans.

Top It data and analytics

Capturing responses from customers in real-time through thousands of sources supporting next generation forecasting we help companies to make intelligent decisions, optimize marketing strategies, and aid in the allocation of defined marketing budgets.

Authorizing with independence

With the ease of knowledge, resource and insight through digital tools, companies are in control of their marketing plans. Clients feel more self-sufficient and upskilled in performing many of their marketing moves themselves instead of depending on us.

Top It management system

Collection and processing the data and integrating qualitative data to optimize strategies that help in revenue growth and increase customer retention. Clients double their incremental revenue through various calculated experiments for confident decisions in the future.

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