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Privacy Policy

TopITCannabisMarketing (‘Us” or” We”) provides the site and the various services that the site provides (collectively, the “site”) to the user, “you”. Our privacy policy offers insight into our data collection procedure, the use and the disclosure of the information that we get from you. When you are using a service, you are informed of your privacy rights, and it protects you by law.

Your personal data is used by us to enhance the service we provide to you. By agreeing to our terms and using the service you consent to the collection of all, or any information provided by you in the agreement of the privacy policy.

The privacy policy Definition and interpretation


The purpose of this privacy policy.
Any individual assessing or using the service of our company or any legal entity working on behalf of an individual is assessing or using our service are bound under the GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation), you may be referred to as data subject or user as the service is being used by you as an individual.

Here, the ‘company’ is being referred to as “WE”. “US” or “OUR”, which specifies to TOPITCannabisMarketing 113 N San Vicente Blvd, Beverly Hills CA 90211. The company is the data controller for the purpose of GDPR.

Here affiliate is the entity that controls, is controlled all under the common control; where ‘control’ suggests ownership of 50% of the shares or more, equity interest or other securities required for voting in the elections for the position of directors or managing authorities.

The account is defined as something created by you for accessing our service, the service we offered to you.

Website refers to which is accessible from www. Service refers to the website.

The service provider is an individual who processes the data on behalf of the company. This could be third party companies or individuals working under the company enabling the enhancement of the service-related to deliver those services for assisting the company in analyzing how the service may be used. Thus, for this reason, the GDPR, service providers are considered data processors.

Third-party social media services our websites or different social network websites and that helps users to log in or create accounts to use services.

Personal data is information that relates to the identified individual.

Personal data used for the purpose of GDPR is related to information that pertains to YOU like name, identification number, location data, telephone number, an online identifier that specifies physical, genetic, mental, psychological, cultural, economic or any form of specific social identity. Any kind of information that can be directly or indirectly related to You.

Small files also defined as cookies are placed in your computer or mobile device or any other electronic device through a website that contains your browsing history amongst many other uses.

Usage data is the data collected or generated by the service infrastructure that defines activities like (the time spent on a web page).

The accumulated data is under the control of the data controller that fulfils the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), The company is the legal entity that alone or jointly determines the purpose and has the means of processing the personal data.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Promotes Do Not Track (DNT) along with many other regulatory authorities that clamp the Internet industry from implementing and developing a mechanism through which Internet users can control the tracking of their online activities across all websites.

The business allows the company which is the legal entity authorized to collect personal information from consumers and decides on the purpose and means by which the consumer’s information will be processed. A consumer is a natural person and resident of the country whose law WE follow in the USA. The law is applicable for every individual who is in the USA barring those visiting on a temporary or transitory purpose, individuals who are domiciled in the USA, outside the USA for a temporary or transitory period.

Sale is defined as or way of selling, renting, disclosing, releasing, making available, disseminating, transferring all orally or in writing electronic and another means of communication any personal information of the consumer to another business or a third-party entity for gain in monetary or other value proposals.

Connection and usage of personal data


Personal Data

When our services if used by you, we may ask you to provide us with personal identification information through which direct contact can be established with you. The information can include and not be limited to:
  • Email address
  • Address, state, province, zip/ postal code city
  • Phone number
Usage data
The usage data is collected by us automatically when you are using our service.
The usage data can include information of your devices Internet Protocol address (IP address), browser type, browser version, information on the service pages that you have visited, the date and time of your visit, the time you have spent on the pages you have visited, the unique device identifier along with other diagnostic data.
The information can be collected from your browser whenever you will visit our website or services through any device including your mobile device.

Cookies and other tracking technologies
Tracking technologies and cookies are used for tracking your online activity on services and the information stored to provide you with a better experience. The tracking technologies used are a beacon, tags, scripts that improve the service we provide to you through a detailed analysis.

However, the option of refusing the cookies can be set by you on your browser. But not accessing the cookies will also prevent you from accessing all our services fully.
The two types of cookies, ‘persistent’ or ‘session’ are sent by us. Persistent cookies remain on your devices even when you are offline. Session cookies only remain till you have the web browser open.
Both types of cookies, persistent and session are used by us for the following purposes:
The purpose of these cookies is to provide you with all services and in their full scope. The website enables you to use all its features. Cookies help in authenticating the user and prevent fraudulent accounts from entering. With the use of these cookies the service that you are seeking can be provided safely. Without the cookies, the services may not be fully accessible and therefore the cookies are required.
Cookie’s policy/ Acceptance of the cookie type
The cookies are administered by us.
Purpose: The cookies help us in identifying the user intent through cookies accepted from the website that they are accessing.
The functionality of the cookie type:
Persistent cookie
Administered by us
These cookies help us in remembering the choices you had made when you had accessed our website. The cookies remember your login details and the language preference. The reason why these cookies’ function is to offer a more personalized experience and save your time from re-entering your preferences each time you log into our website.

Tracking and performance cookies: persistent cookies Administered by third parties
These cookies track information about the website traffic and the user action on the website. The cookies gather information, and this information can be about you, an individual user or a visitor on the website. This happens because the information is collected under a pseudo name identifier that associates the user with a device whenever you accessed the website.

The Cookies are also used to test new advertisement pages displaying the functionality of the website testing the reaction of the user towards the advertisement.
Targeting an advertising cookie type: persistent cookies
Browsing habit tracking cookies show advertisements that are most likely of any interest to you. Using information about your browsing history and grouping you with other users following the same interest, these cookies track your browsing behavior based on that information which is permitted by us or a third-party advertiser, who can also place these cookies.
Advertisements that we think might be of interest to as per your interest on third party websites.
Use of personal data
The company uses personal data for the following purposes:
The personal data helps in providing and maintaining our service and monitoring your usage of our service.
The data helps to manage your account which includes your user registration for the service we provide. The personal data provided by you to us offers you access to different services. This functionality can be availed by you if you have registered with us.
The personal data includes development, compliance and undertaking of the purchase contract for the product or the service that you have purchased or any other contract that you have entered with us through our provided service.

The personal information is used by us to contact you through the details provided by you like email mail, telephone number, SMS, and other electronic communication forms such as the mobile application and push notifications with information on our updated offers and communications related to different functionalities of the product or the services offered whenever it is necessary for information and implementation of the same.

The personal information is used to provide you with news on our latest services and the events that may be initiated by us, offers on similar services that you may have availed of earlier or inquired about. We endeavor to keep you fully informed about all the latest information to benefit you with our service.

In the course, we may share your personal information in the following situations:
We may share your postal information with service providers to monitor and analyze your use of our service. The information also shows advertisements to you that will support you in the maintenance of our service. These could include contacting and enabling seamless payment processing for you.
If there is a merger or a sale of the company assets in such a situation we may share or transfer your personal information during the negotiation of such a business transfer where the sale of the company assets finances or acquisitions are shared with or partnered with another business or company.
Your personal information may be shared with our affiliates however, the affiliates are required to honour this privacy policy. The affiliates are grouped under a parent company, other subsidiaries, joined partners and companies that are controlled by a common controller directly related to us.

Your personal information may also be shared by us with our business partners to increase the span of your access to various other products and services or promotional activities.
Your personal information can be shared with other users when you are interacting in public forums. Your information is viewed on add open user platform and can be publicly distributed outside the website. If you interact through social media services with other users your contact on the social media service provider has access to your profile details and other information about you. This information is available to other users, and they can communicate with you through your public profile.
Personal data retention
The personal information collected by the company,’ us’, will be retained by us for as long as it is required to set our privacy policy. The personal information will improve and customize the service that we provide to you and comply with the legal obligations in case of a legal dispute or legal arrangement the personal information may help us in resolving the dispute.
Your search data information will also be retained by the company helping us with our internal analysis. The retention of usage data is usually for a short span. Except in cases when data retention is required for security reasons and improves the functionality of the service provided by us.

Transferring your personal data Information that includes personal data is processed at the company’s operation address and other places where the processing of the data takes place. This implies that the information is transferred to other computers that are located outside the state, country, and different government jurisdictions. Here the data protection laws may differ from your jurisdiction.

By consenting to the privacy policy with a submission from your end all the information indicates your agreement to the transfer of information.
However, your data is valuable to us and therefore the company takes all steps to ensure that the data is treated with security and complies with our privacy policy. The transfer of your personal data will not take place to any organization or a country unless the necessary controls have been put in place that includes the security of your data along with all personal information.
Disclosure of your personal data
In business transactions
When the company is getting involved in a merger, acquisition sale of assets, in such a situation the personal data may need to be transferred. You will be provided with a notice from us before such an action, the transfer of your personal information takes place and gets reflected in a different privacy policy.

Law enforcement
in some conditions, your personal data needs to be disclosed by the company for law enforcement purposes or in response to a request made by a public authority, such as the government agency or court.

Other legal obligations
Sometimes the personal data needs to be shared in good faith for necessary actions that conform to legal obligations.
For protection and defense of the company rights and property.
If any wrongdoing is suspected a possible investigation in connection with the service may require your personal information.

For preserving your personal safety.
For protecting you against legal liability.

Personal Data Security
The protection and security of your personal data matters to us, however, the transmission and electronic storage of your personal information are not 100% secure. The company uses the best commercially acceptable procedures to protect your personal data from infringement, however, we do not ensure a guarantee of the security we provide.

Service providers can have access to your personal data to perform tasks on your behalf and they are bound under obligations to not disclose your information for any other purpose.
A third-party service may be used to monitor and analyze your service. Google Analytics is a web analytics service from the Google company, that is used for tracking and reporting website traffic. Our services are also tracked and monitored by Google. Therefore, the data is shared with other Google services. Google can collect the data and send contextual and personalized ads of its advertising network to your browser. However, through the means of Google Analytics opt-out browser add on you may opt-out of your activity monitoring on services available to Google Analytics. This prevents Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js, analytics.js and dc.js) from sharing information with Google Analytics on your activities. You can visit the Google privacy terms page to gather more information on all Google’s data collection procedures.

We can use service providers to share their advertisements with you that are helping us to support and maintain our services.
This includes vendors like Google AdSense and Double Click Cookie Google, the third-party vendors using cookies ads on our service. You can opt out of some of these settings by visiting the Google ads settings from the web page

Email marketing
We can send newsletters, promotional marketing materials and other information to you through emails. You also have the choice of opting out of receiving these communications by unsubscribing do a link that is shared when the email is sent to you. You may contact us to unsubscribe from further communications.
We use emails for service providers to send emails for you to promote your service.

SMS marketing
Your personal data is used by us to contact you via SMS messaging informing you about our marketing and promotional materials that could interest you. If you do not find them useful you may opt out of receiving such communications by unsubscribing the link or following the instructions that accompany the message. You may also contact us to help you unsubscribe from receiving such marketing information.

For offering our service within the service we make use of third-party services for processing the payment.
It must be noted that the payment information details provided by you are directly used by third-party payment processing systems whose personal information management is governed by another privacy policy. The payment processing information follows a standard set PCI DSS, managed by the PCI Security Standard Council in a joint effort with brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. PCI DSS Ensure that the payment handling and transaction follows a secure model.

Facebook fan page
data control for Facebook fan page
Your personal data is connected by the company when you are using the service as the operator of your Facebook fan page. Your personal information is under the control of the company and social network operator Facebook. The company before entering the Facebook fan page agrees to specific terms with them that are mostly related to the service provided via Facebook.

To know more about the privacy policy of Facebook visit
Children’s privacy policy
Our service and product are not addressed for anyone below the age of 21 and we do not knowingly collect any personal information of anyone below that age. If you are a parent or a guardian, and aware that your child has provided us with any personal data you may contact us to make us aware that we may have collected some personal data from someone below the stipulated age bracket. All steps will be taken by us to remove any information from our website and servers regarding any connection with the service or the products that we are providing.

Links to other websites
While accessing our services you may be directed to other website links from our website. If you are clicking on those third-party links, we strongly advocate that you review their privacy policy before you take any action on those links. Our company assumes no control or responsibility for your actions taken on any third-party site that has been directed from our website.

Changes to our privacy policy
Our privacy policy may undergo changes from time to time of which you will be notified by us when the new privacy policy page is updated. The information will be sent to you via email. The information may appear on the privacy policy page with the last update appearing at the top of the page. We advise you to review our privacy policy changes from time to time if you are using our service or product.

Contact us
if you have any questions on the stated privacy policy you may contact us at: Top IT Cannabis Marketing, 113 N San Vicente Blvd, Beverly Hills CA 90211, (323) 250-3726 ,
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