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12 Cannabis Marketing Strategies to Look For In 2024

The cannabis industry is relatively new and isn’t legal under federal law. Even in countries where it has been legalized, marketing cannabis products is a difficult affair due to the prejudices of the people. According to the experts of a cannabis advertising agency Los Angeles, running a cannabis business is undoubtedly tough as there is a limited scope to promote your products. Moreover, several social media channels and virtual mediums have shunned the advertisement of cannabis products. This is giving sleepless nights to cannabis marketers. It’s the reason why they are hiring a cannabis marketing agency. So, being a cannabis marketer, how can you spread the word about your products? What are the available alternatives? To get an answer, you have to go through this blog as it addresses the popular cannabis marketing strategies in 2022:

  1. Get in touch with cannabis-friendly ad networks: Several states in the US have legalized marijuana, and with this announcement, there has been a surge of cannabis-friendly ad platforms. These dedicated platforms will help grow your cannabis website traffic by a significant margin. You can try the cannabis ad networks if you face the heat to promote your cannabis products through social media channels. The unique feature of cannabis advertising networks is that they have a curated network of lifestyle sites where cannabis ads perform better.
  2. Implement affiliate marketing to boost sales from influencer marketing: Cannabis marketers can use affiliate marketing as a strategy to provide decent ROI in recent times. Over the years, affiliate marketing has been proven to be an affordable marketing method, and cannabis companies can make the most of it. If you add affiliate marketing elements to your influencer marketing campaign, you can generate long-term sales from profitable influencers. To know more about this aspect, get in touch with the best cannabis marketing agencies.
  3. Strong SEO: Nowadays, a strong digital presence is necessary for the success of any business. When you are a marketer, you would want people to find you. This objective can be attained with a strong SEO strategy in place as modern-day consumers rely on Google to get access to retail cannabis stores in their nearby areas. Hence, it’s important that your business ranks high in Google so that it gains the trust of users. Initially, you need to create a cannabis website and gain authority by driving traffic from authentic sites. Also, you have to create pages with informative content that addresses the queries of your audience.
  4. Create guest posts: Guest posting is an effective approach to getting exposure to your target audience. If you do it right, it can be one of the best cannabis marketing strategies in the long run. It will help to increase brand awareness and build trust. Eventually, it will generate more sales for your cannabis You can look for popular magazines and websites that permit you to write on subjects like medical marijuana and cannabis products. With the help of a marijuana marketing firm, you can get to know more about these aspects.

Guest posting on reputed websites can help you strengthen the backlink profile, enhance search rankings, increase traffic and leads, and attain a higher ROI. You have to look for credible sites that enable guest posting on cannabis and its related products. However, before approaching the site for guest posting, ensure to adhere to the site’s guidelines and requirements. If you don’t have anyone to write guest posts for your cannabis brand, connect with the content creators of a cannabis advertising agency Los Angeles.

  1. Educate the readers relating to cannabis products: Most people don’t have a concrete understanding of cannabis products. Use this as an opportunity to educate the audience, and it will be more effective than direct selling. 90% of individuals aren’t aware of the benefits of dispensaries. Here, you need to take the lead and spread awareness. The better approach is to plan an educational content calendar on marijuana-related subjects. It should encompass ideas for social media content, blog posts, and visual content. By providing educational content, you can urge people to view your business as authentic and credible.
  2. Invest in local billboards: Though billboards aren’t considered to be a viable marketing option these days, they can still be effective when it comes to advertising cannabis products. In states and countries where cannabis is legal, billboard advertising can be an effective way for product promotion. It’s indeed a straightforward way to bring your cannabis brand in front of local customers. The billboard marketing campaigns of a cannabis advertising agency Los Angeles can set your marijuana business on the right track.
  3. Visiting cannabis industry events: If you want to promote your cannabis brand, attending trade shows, marijuana conventions, and other industry events can come in handy. Several cannabis store owners visit these events, and you can use this as an opportunity to generate new sales or cross-promote your products. This way, you not only take your brand in front of a loyal audience but also make your brand gain the limelight by promoting it in front of industry peers.
  4. Gather leads and then advertise through email: An Email is an indispensable tool for cannabis marketing. With Email being a private channel, you get the option to interact with your target audience directly and inform them about your brand, and promotional offers, and take them to your website. It’s the reason why several CBD brands devote a significant part of their advertising workflow to email ad campaigns since they are cheap, tightly targeted, and easy to automate. When it comes to gathering email addresses for your ads, you have to gather leads with the help of a cannabis advertising agency Los Angeles.
  5. Target internet radio: It’s advisable not to promote your cannabis brand on national radio stations as they could be picked up by folks residing in a state where cannabis is illegal. On the other hand, the internet radio is easier to geo-fence and filter. With the assistance of internet-only platforms, you can connect with the audience between tunes from their preferred albums, playlists, genres, and more.
  6. Social media: Yes, you can’t promote your cannabis brand on social media but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a social media presence. When it is to digital marketing, social media is the most effective and direct way to connect with your audience. Whatever you post on your social accounts, ensure that you are adhering to the terms of service for that platform. Different social networks have different rules regarding the post types you share. Social media also gives you the opportunity to source and gather user-generated content. When a cannabis enthusiast shares images of your products, you can reshare them on your social media pages to boost awareness and third-party validation.
  7. Digital ad buying: Being a cannabis marketer, you can get in touch with publications about securing ad space since most digital advertising platforms don’t allow cannabis ads. Many publications focused on the cannabis industry will allow marijuana firms to approach them and negotiate advertising charges on a CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand Views) basis.
  8. Word-of-mouth marketing: Cannabis advertising opportunities are limited and hence, there is a wide gap. To address this gap, word-of-mouth marketing can be effective apart from hiring a cannabis advertising agency Los Angeles. Cannabis brands should spend more time creating brand ambassadors and a strong word-of-mouth marketing program. You need to engage with your most influential customers for nurturing brand ambassadors. Cannabis brands can be hugely benefited from building relationships with social media accounts that have followers matching your typical customer profile.

Cannabis marketing isn’t easy as there are several dos and don’ts. The more you are acquainted with the local regulations, the better for you. In this way, you can come up with marketing strategies aligned with local laws. Before marketing your cannabis products, this is one aspect you need to consider. Besides this aspect, embrace the above advertising strategies and make your cannabis brand stand apart.

Are you looking to create an advertising strategy for your cannabis brand? In that case, you need to get in touch with the experts at Topit Cannabis. Here, you get access to professionals who have years of experience in developing cannabis marketing campaigns. Their data-driven CBD SEO strategies will make your brand a leader in the market segment.

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