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9 Exclusive Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Marijuana Business

There are several laws and regulations relating to cannabis products. Being the owner of a cannabis business, you will naturally prefer to evade these restrictions. But unfortunately, there is no scope for that. However, there is something to cheer about for marijuana manufacturers. Several states in the US have legalized marijuana which is indeed a positive sign. If you are a new entrant, you have to embrace the challenges to secure your place in the long run. Also, you need to adopt innovative marketing strategies crafted by marijuana digital marketing experts USA to gain the upper hand. So, let’s explore the top nine marijuana marketing hacks for your business:

Coordinate with marijuana-friendly ad networks

There has been a surge of marijuana-friendly ad platforms with the legalization of marijuana. If you own a cannabis website, you can gain traffic with such dedicated advertising platforms. Social media doesn’t allow the promotion of cannabis products. So, your aim will be to make the most of cannabis ad networks. Several industry-specific cannabis marketing platforms showcase ads on recreational dispensaries or 420 websites.

Develop a website and an online store

 According to a study, online searches for marijuana increased by 98% from 2015 to 2022. Millions of Americans are looking for marijuana products online. Since Canada legalized marijuana, the e-commerce market of North America has adopted the online selling of marijuana and related items. It is indeed a great achievement in marijuana marketing services USA. If your business is situated in the US, it will be difficult to get away with delivery carriers. However, with legal permission and license, you can start selling online.

Concentrate on keywords and SEO optimization

Before selling anything online, you have to detect high-performing keywords and optimize your content to increase traffic and sales. According to research, long-tail keywords play a significant hand in boosting your rankings. For this reason, you need to conduct cannabis SEO for your blog posts, web pages, and other online content for relevant long-tail keywords. With this approach in place, you can increase organic traffic. A study reveals that long-tail keywords dominate 80% of the total searches on the internet. When it is coupled with high-quality content, long-tail keywords can enhance your conversion rate by a significant margin. It will also lead to an all-time high organic reach.

Leverage the power of influencers

Influencer marketing can help your brand grow by leaps and bounds. So, you have to leverage the power of influencers. However, to increase your ROI, you need to detect the right partner with the right influencers for your cannabis marketing campaigns. In the marijuana realm, it is indeed difficult to find an influencer who can help you reach a wider and more targeted audience. If you manage to find them somehow, coordinate with them for affiliate cannabis marketing to boost sales and ensure long-term profits. You can also get in touch with the marijuana digital marketing experts USA to accomplish your task in the right fashion.

Write guest blogs

Writing guest blogs is an effective way to market your cannabis products. Being one of the best marijuana marketing hacks, it can help your brand get instant exposure to your target audience. It will help you increase brand awareness, increase sales, and build trust. When it comes to guest posting, you will look for reputed and popular websites that enable you to write on subjects related to cannabis products and medical marijuana. If you do guest posting on popular niche websites, it will strengthen your backlink profile, enhance search rankings, increase traffic and leads, and eventually achieve a higher ROI. So, look for credible sites that permit guest posting on marijuana and its related items. However, before approaching the site for guest posting, you have to read the site’s contributor guidelines and requirements. Experts offering marijuana marketing services USA can give you better insights regarding this aspect.

Digital ad buying

Most digital ad buying platforms shun the promotion of cannabis ads. So, it will be a good idea to connect with publications directly about securing ad space. Multiple publications and those within the cannabis industry will enable organizations to approach them and negotiate advertising rates on a cost per thousand views or cost per click basis. To address this gap, several cannabis-friendly advertising platforms have become available over the last few years. Even if you don’t have a large network, negotiating advertising deals, working hand in hand with individual publishers, or using any of the cannabis-friendly advertising platforms can come in handy.

Conventions and cannabis industry events

If you want to bring your dispensary products to the frontline, you need to attend conventions, trade shows, and cannabis industry events. More than half of the cannabis store owners visit these shows. It’s not only them but the companies that give opportunities to cross-promote your products or secure new sales that are also present on the occasion. Experienced marijuana digital marketing experts USA can also help you in attaining your objective.

Target local market

If you target the local market, it will give your cannabis brand immediate visibility at a lower rate. So, when you are designing a website to drive sales and traffic, it’s also important on your part to grab the local market in marijuana-legalized states. For local marijuana marketing, you can try the following:

  • Get in touch with a low-cost advertiser. Compared to high-value printing and online advertisers, local media can provide you with competitive prices and help you connect with interested buyers.
  • You have the option to contact non-mainstream media that isn’t choosy about their ads.
  • Billboard advertising is expensive and outdated, but it can attract a crowd that genuinely matters to your business. However, you need to be careful where you place your ad and the message it conveys.
  • You can get yourself listed on Google as a local business. People who look for marijuana products can easily track your shop in search results.

Radio advertisements

Radio advertising is another great option for cannabis or marijuana marketing. Nowadays, several broadcasting platforms are accepting pot ads. Pick the radio station based on the audience demographics. In this way, you can run more targeted campaigns. According to experts of marijuana marketing services USA, it has been revealed that when consumers hear marijuana ads thrice, it creates a greater impact. If there are restrictions to advertise on radio stations, you can use satellite ads. Satellite radio doesn’t come under the assessment of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) since it’s not considered a broadcasting medium.

As you can understand, there are several tactics of marijuana marketing. Despite the regulations, you can be the winner if you conform to these tips. Creating a marijuana marketing strategy isn’t tough and all that you need is the right insight when it is to conducting business operations.

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