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How to Market Legally Your Cannabis Dispensary on Social Media

Are you thinking of using social media as an approach for your Cannabis dispensary marketing? Then, before moving forward, first know the do’s and don’ts of the social media marketing technique. And if you are not sure, how to yield results out of this strategy effectively, then you should consider hiring top-tier professional cannabis SEO services.

Social media has become deeply ingrained in the daily lives of people. This involves any platform that helps people communicate and share what they like, even when distant. It is no secret that people spend a good chunk of their time on social media. That is why social media can be considered a great platform to promote any product or service. But certain industries are restricted to this social media leverage. The cannabis dispensary industry is one of them.

There are complex and strict regulations on what the cannabis industry can post. The industry is stringently prohibited from publishing any content that directly promotes cannabis or encourages its use. Although it has been legalized in over 35 states in the United States, being straightforward can get you banned. Here’s where a cannabis dispensaries SEO agency is required to structure a social media marketing strategy that will promote the products without having been canceled. 

What to avoid and what to do in Social Media Marketing?

When you employ social media marketing, follow the dos and don’ts to avoid any negative outcomes that might affect your brand image.


  • Make client education a top priority: Distribute educational information that debunks detrimental stereotypes about cannabis dispensary products and instead informs clients about their health advantages.
  • Always double-check your sources: Before submitting any content, be certain that the information you offer comes from trustworthy and dependable sources. Post advocacy content to help customers learn more, such as legislation updates, fresh research data and statistics, and health reports.
  • Post more neutral, unobtrusive product images: Because it is illegal to overtly state that your items are for sale, exchange, or delivery, subtlety is essential. Product shots that promote health and lifestyle rather than recreational usage are chosen.
  • Showcase your staff and team members: Engaging content that introduces your subscribers to your business by introducing them to your staff. Because social media is designed to be social, utilize it to inform and entertain. This technique allows your marijuana company to interact with your followers on social media and potential clients on a more personal level. It contributes to the integrity of your brand and may boost your followers’ faith in your brand.
  • Keep yourself informed: The rules and laws governing the cannabis sector, as well as the terms and conditions on social media sites, change on a regular basis. Keep up with the latest developments to guarantee that your company is compliant. If you are hiring a service from a CBD SEO agency, they keep you updated as they deal with the latest laws and regulations in the cannabis industry.
  • Use strategic stories for social media: Instagram or Facebook stories enables cannabis businesses and dispensaries to add mobile-driven storytelling to their marketing campaigns on social media. As a result, cannabis enterprises may use this medium to express their messaging in new and unique ways.


  • Don’t openly mention that you’re selling cannabis items, be discreet: This includes omitting anything indicating that your products are for sale, exchange, or delivery. Also, do not disclose pricing or offer specific contact information for purchasing cannabis items – however, you may post a link to your website.
  • Don’t oversell in your marketing caption: As previously said, being prudent is essential when it comes to marijuana social media marketing. Your top objective should be to educate your audience while also developing connections and trust with them.
  • Don’t submit material that might be misinterpreted by a broad audience: This provides directions for selling, growing, and using cannabis. This includes any content that encourages its usage for recreational purposes. Just emphasize its health advantages.
  • Don’t make any medical claims: While it’s essential to inform your consumers about the health advantages of marijuana products, avoid making false medical claims or publishing customer testimonials. This is a tip that is also put forward by cannabis dispensary SEO services when explaining marketing strategies.
  • Do not run sponsored advertisements promoting the sale or exchange of cannabis products: In general, social media sites prohibit company pages from posting sponsored advertisements with the intention of selling regulated items like cannabis.

Make a plan before posting on social media

Understand why you’re blogging prior to doing anything. Who are you trying to reach? Market analysis to emphasize an intended audience should be a core part of your dispensary’s business plan. Keep this in mind while posting content.

Consider which portions of your target audience could be intrigued by your postings. Diversifying your post content and structure is wonderful, but they should be carefully directed at certain customer profiles that you plan to lead to your eCommerce or physical-and-mortar site.

Why do a few dispensary accounts get banned on social platforms?

Cannabis-related social profiles are blocked for a variety of reasons on social media sites. In many situations, dispensaries are unaware of the restrictions and publish prohibited information.

In other cases, it’s not even their fault. Competitive dispensaries attack their rivals by persistently and deliberately reporting them for breaking the conditions of service of social media networks. This causes unnecessary issues.

Although most of the time, the situation stays uncontrollable but at times there are loose ends. You can do certain things that might help you prevent getting banned.

For example, you need to stay from any kind of posts that encourages the selling of marijuana or appears to be promoting sales. Moreover, try not to give any cannabis hashtags or photos that show the consumption of cannabis. Teaching or informing people on how to grow cannabis is a BIG FAT NO NO in cannabis social media posting for cannabis. Do you know these points are often missed by a small cannabis SEO agencyHence, when you hire professionals, make sure you hire a standard one in Beverly Hills.

Wrapping up

For dispensaries, using social media to drive traffic to your eCommerce platform and brick-and-mortar stores can be a huge asset. TopIT Cannabis, a professional CBD SEO agency offers highly effective cannabis dispensary SEO strategies to display what you have to offer to your customers. For more details on our cannabis SEO marketing service,  You can contact us at (323) 250-3726. 

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